Local Travel

Definitions per IRS:

Local Travel -Travel within a 40-mile radius of the official station and residence that is performed within one day and does not involve an overnight stay or lodging expenses.

Official Station - The location where the employee regularly performs his or her duties. The geographic limits of the official station are the corporate limits of the city or town where the employee is located, or, if not in an incorporated city or town, the reservation, station or other established area having definite boundaries where the employee is located, not to exceed 50 miles from the employee's location. If the employee’s work involves recurring travel or varies on a recurring basis, the location where the work activities of the employee’s position of record are based is considered the regular place of work.

Travel status – Traveling for more than 12 hours

Local Conference or scientific meetings (within 50 miles from work location)

  • Conference fees – Reimburseable
  • Lodging – Not reimburseable unless in exceptional circumstances (REQUIRES PRIOR APPROVAL)
  • Meals (Individual) – Not reimbursable when incurred locally
  • Meals (*Business) – Reimbursable on federal awards for ONLY attendees on travel status, otherwise charged to nonfederal awards
  • Transportation costs – Taxis, local train/bus and parking are allowed for business related travel

*Business meals are meals with faculty, staff, students, donors, or other external parties during which specific documented business discussions take place