Getting Reimbursed

Employees must submit reimbursement requests & receipts immediately to be processed by the Finance office within 60 days from the date of completion of their trip.

91 to 182 days after the trip end date: All payments will be considered income and subject to tax withholding.

Beyond 183 days after trip end date: Employee cannot be reimbursed with University funds.

Remember to submit ALL itemized meal, travel and passenger ticket receipts for timely reimbursement.
Per FAS meals guidelines, business meals including meals while traveling will be reimbursed up to the following limits: Breakfast - $20, Lunch - $45 and Dinner - $100 per person including tax and tip.

Reimbursement forms are available from your local administrator or can be downloaded online for Employee reimbursement/Corporate card and Non-Employee reimbursement. (Harvard PIN Login required)

All reimbursement forms must be accompanied by several documents including:

  1. Receipts for all individual expenses and hotel folio charges regardless of the amount. If you don’t have a receipt, submit a Missing Receipt Affidavit and form of payment (i.e. credit card statement)
  2. Employee Reimbursement / Corporate Card Payment Form that includes business purpose supported by the following:
    • Who traveled or attended the event
    • What type of event, activity, or purchase was made
    • When the event or activity took place
    • Where the event or activity took place
    • Why the expense was incurred

The Traveler or person being reimbursed must sign the Web Voucher Reimbursement receipt report or Reimbursement request Form.

Web Voucher Reimbursement forms must be directed to the Traveler’s local approver, approved in the system, and then sent to UFS.